About Me

I would describe myself as a “late bloomer” and a graduate from the school of hard knocks. I hail from a very chaotic background. I have experienced many lows and dark times in my life. I understand precisely how it feels to be depressed, scared, anxious, financially broke, rejected, unworthy, helpless, hopeless, lacking in motivation, suicidal and much more. I have been there. I have lived the nightmare!

There was never really a specific ground-breaking turning point in my life where things miraculously changed overnight. Instead it was more that no matter how low I fell I was always able to dig deep to find even the tiniest amount of strength to somehow pick myself up a little and carry on.

I often wished that I had a real life fairy godmother who would wave a magic wand to give me a better life  or just someone that I could to talk to who would help me to make sense of all that I went through and help lead me to something better.

I never did find that real life magical fairy godmother. Instead my journey was a slow and at times very painful slog. I would not wish that crock on anyone. I don’t want to see anyone suffering in the ways that I did. This is what motivates me to want to coach people. I am passionate about helping to empower people using the powerful tools that I found along my own path.

I want to be the next best thing to that magical fairy godmother that I never had.

I qualified as a Life Coach in 2007 and am accredited by The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM).

I am also qualified as a personal trainer and a reiki level 1 and 2 (usui method) practitioner.

In addition I am a employed criminal prosecution lawyer in London. My other passions include being a mother, yoga, astrology, meditation, being in nature, outdoor pursuits and running. To date I have ran 14 marathons which include London, York, Paris and Florence.

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