12) High Frequency Manifestations – Richard Dotts

Is it possible to direct your energy to create fast-moving manifestations?

Most people feel stuck in their lives and their current circumstances because they do not see the direct energetic link between their intentions and physical manifestations. In this latest ground-breaking book High Frequency Manifestations, international bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts explains why seeing this fundamental energetic link between your intentions and eventual manifestations is crucial to the manifestation process.

Seeing and becoming aware of this energetic link is the first step to creating more effective manifestations. However, it involves a completely new way of perception—not with your outer five senses but with your inner perception and inner senses. Those who remain unaware of this critical energetic link often find themselves blindsided by unwanted manifestations and situations in their lives. This is not the Universe trying to “punish” us, but because we have inadvertently used these Universal principles in the unintended direction. It is, in fact, an undeniable demonstration of these timeless principles!

Can you perceive with your inner senses even though you’re not “psychic” or an “intuitive”?

In High Frequency Manifestations, Richard debunks the idea that you need to be a “psychic” or “intuitive” to perceive the energy field around you. He takes you on a step-by-step, guided inner journey that shows how an “average” person without any background in energy work can gradually start perceiving the energy fields around them.

After which, Richard explains the most fundamental and esoteric nature of these energetic teachings that have remained hidden in plain sight throughout the ages: How to directly manipulate these energetic frequencies to resonate with your high-frequency manifestations. This esoteric knowledge has been fiercely guarded by certain sects or groups throughout the ages and inaccessible to most until now.

In High Frequency Manifestations, Richard shares these teachings that he has gleaned from multiple spiritual sources and traditions over the ages, conveying them in a form that is accessible in the modern age. Richard reveals the following:

  • What is the difference between true spiritual realization and a rehashing of other people’s spiritual experiences? (Most authors and books simply rehash other people’s spiritual experiences with no inner realization.)
  • How to get to the energetic essence of manifestations, the energetic place where all your manifestations begin
  • How to perceive the physical world around you while KNOWING that everything is made up of energy that is constantly moving in and out of form
  • Why becoming AWARE of this constantly flowing energy is the first step to manifesting anything you want
  • What is the next perceptive skill you should develop after becoming aware of this energy, and why this is a skill that no one can possibly teach you. It has to be realized and integrated in a way that is unique to who you are.
  • How psychics, spiritual healers, and energy workers throughout the ages have used these same energetic principles for healing and moving energy. Now you will apply them specifically to your desired manifestations.
  • The technique of collapsing your intentions into their irreducible energetic form beyond any words, thoughts, or influences of the mind. When your intentions are stated in this form, they HAVE TO come true very quickly. This is Universal Law!
  • And more…

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