Focus on … “Your Focus!”

"people with goals succeed because they know where they are going"

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Do you find it difficult to focus on your own affairs and just mind your own business?

Are you easily caught up with ….. whats on TV? What social media is saying? What other people are doing ? The latest new story? or just plain old gossip!

Or perhaps you have “The grass is greener on the other side” syndrome and are spending  too  much of  your energy envying others instead of focusing on yourself and figuring out ways to make your own grass greener!

Focusing on yourself means making yourself a priority and setting goals that will enhance your own life experience and well being.

Focusing on your focus is about having a laser type focus on the things that truly matter to you.

Focusing on your focus is the ability to direct the mind to one subject, object, or thought, and at the same time exclude from the mind every other unrelated thought, ideas, feelings and sensations.

“Laser focus is the mental ability to give 100 per cent of your attention to the task you’ve prioritized in the present moment. It helps you put aside all the delicious unrelated thoughts and sustain the energy required to reach your goals”

Staying focused is the most effective way of achieving desired outcomes. When we are able to stay focused on our goals we find it easier to continually strive to get better results .

Staying focused also means that we automatically put all our energy into our area of focus and allows us to learn from experience to help shape future ones.

Benefits of being Focused on “Your Focus”

  •  You Feel More in Control –Being more focused means that you pay more attention to your goals and have better control over day to day distractions.
  • Promotes Creativity- When we learn to just focus on one thing at a time, we also improve our ability to create strategies  for completing our task effectively. Keeping our focus  means that we are motivated to come up with alternative ways to achieve our goals whenever we encounter obstacles.
  • Reduces Stress levels – When we lack focus we are also more likely to experience stress as we try to deal with several things at once. However when are focused purely on our “focus” we prevent the distractions around us from sabotaging our productivity. Completing our most important tasks allows us time to engage in more relaxing activities such as pursuing our hobbies. Getting the right balance is vital to our well being and leads to decreased anxiety and stress levels.
  • Improved Work Performance – Being laser focused means that we use time and energy more efficiently and are able to better master our skills. Improved focus will save us the time and energy that is normally used up by distractions such as social media, news feeds and a wandering mind.
  • Deepens Our Relationships – Focus allows us to give friends and loved ones our undivided attention. Giving others our undivided attention will make them feel heard and valued and enable us to notice more about them than we would had we been distracted.
  • Live Life With More Purpose – Improved focus has the power to help us better understand our life’s purpose by becoming more aware of our deepest desires and motivations.  We can only ever truly understand what lies beneath us by knowing and listening to our mind. Being more focused also allows us to prioritise the activities, relationships and skills that will assist us in achieving our life’s purpose.
  • Experience More Joy – Learning to be just focused on “your focus” will lead to a more joyful life.  Joy is a natural by product of living a more purposeful and focused life. Joy is a by product of properly investing in the people and goals that matter most to you.

“Focus is the ability to direct one’s attention in the direction of one’s will. It means control of one’s attention”

How to be more “Focused on Your Focus”

  • Get Enough Sleep & Rest – Studies show that your sleeping patterns directly influence your cognitive abilities. When you don’t get enough sleep and rest, your brain has to work harder to connect thoughts and solve problems.
  • Eliminate Distractions – Develop a practice of  setting out specific times in your day to do specific tasks or activities in a space where you will not be disturbed. During this time, keep all social media apps and phones out of sight or on “silent” mode. Stay focused on the task or activity in hand. Setting time limits can also help to channel energy in a more focused manner.
  • Avoid Multitasking – Multitasking hampers  our ability to focus and compromises the quality of our  work. Our brains are not designed to cope with doing more than one thing at a time and whenever we try to do so then its impossible to give our full attention to any of those tasks. Attempting to multi task will result in poorer focus, lower concentration and reduced productivity.
  • Make Time for Exercise – Increased and better focus is one of the many benefits of exercise. Regular exercise releases chemicals that are vital for memory, concentration, and strong mental sharpness.  It has been found that people who do some form of physical exercise perform better on cognitive tasks when compared to those in poor physical health.
  • Spend Time in Nature – It is well known that spending time in nature can have a positive impact on physical and mental health. Research also shows that having plants around in office/ study spaces helped to increase focus, concentration and productivity.
  • Practice Mindfulness and Meditation – Adopting a mindfulness or meditation practice can improve our sense of well being as well as improve our mental fitness and focus.
  • Adopt a Healthy Diet – What we eat has an impact on our focus, mental sharpness and clarity throughout the day. To boost and improve our focus, we should avoid processed foods, too much sugar, alcohol and food laden with fat. Staying hydrated is also good for better focus and concentration.
  • Take Regular Breaks – When we focus on something for a long time, it can become challenging to maintain the same level of focus. However, taking short breaks from tasks can refuel our desired focus and keep our performance levels high.
  • Train Your Brain – Brain games such as word puzzles, chess, jigsaw puzzles can enhance cognitive abilities such as the ability to focus and concentrate.
When you Focus on your focus, you begin to understand your motivations and priorities and to direct your energy towards them and you will discover that a focused life is a much happier life. Happiness is more than just a feeling , it’s a state of being deeply content with your life … and contentment is a natural by product of being both  focused on your focus (and practising compassion  which will be the subject of a future blog)


Do let me know your thoughts and comments.

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16 thoughts on “Focus on … “Your Focus!””

  1. barbara scheck

    Another excellent piece. I could have done with this a few months ago when I was doing a project for my son.

    I now realise I lacked the focus needed to make it successful. This piece will inform the way I approach things in future.

    Thank Sarah

  2. Wow! The quotation in the first part gives me chills because of how beautiful the message was. Focus is a need to accomplish things you want to end in positive way.

  3. Thank you for such a well thought out article – and just in time for my New Year’s resolutions. I often avoid focusing on myself and I will be sure to incorporate these suggestions in my daily life.

  4. Top advice for maintaining focus and disregarding distractions; laser-sharp insights delivered again by Antonia. Happy new year!

  5. Sharon Davis

    Great article, though some lose focus due to external factors outside of their control. It’s especially true when you have to put others before your own needs. However, a strong mind and sense of self helps you to navigate these factors a refocus either back onto your original goal or adjust it.

  6. Reading this article was a wake-up call for me. I often find myself getting caught up in distractions and losing sight of my own goals. The idea of “laser focus” resonated with me, and the benefits outlined, like feeling more in control and experiencing more joy, struck a chord. The practical tips offered are something I plan to implement, especially setting specific times for tasks and incorporating breaks to maintain focus. It’s time to prioritize my own journey and make my grass greener. Thank you Antonia for your great works 🙏

  7. Thanks for so much tips to improve focus! I really want to do so but it’s hard for me now as I have so many things needed to do at once. I’m trying to do them step by step and trying to improve my focus on the task that I’m in.

  8. A conundrum we all face daily between focusing on ‘all tasks’ or ‘the task’.

    An excellent reminder that sometimes many things can wait but achieving others can’t!

    Thanks Antonia for this timely piece as we all embark on a new year!

  9. A conundrum we all face daily between focusing on ‘all tasks’ or ‘the task’.

    An excellent reminder that sometimes many things can wait but achieving others can’t!

    Thanks Antonia for this timely piece as we all embark on a new year!

  10. Antonia, your blog resonates deeply with me! Your insights on focusing on one’s priorities and goals are both inspiring and practical. The benefits you outline, from increased control to deeper relationships, serve as a powerful reminder of the positive impact a focused mindset can have on our lives. Your tips on eliminating distractions and embracing mindfulness are valuable tools for anyone seeking to enhance their focus. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful and motivating piece – looking forward to more of your wisdom on practicing compassion in the future!

  11. As always you have hit the nail on the head. This is another very important topic which you have thrown light on. Focusing on ones self , work and goals is very important.

    In this day and age when entertainment , news social interaction and so many other erstwhile commercial and daily functions are at our very fingertips it is very difficult to stay focussed on our own work and get tasks done in a concentrated, calibrated and effective manner.

    This form of indulgence also almost always generates fear as we always tend to put off matters of great urgency that may be impacting our very own lives.

    You have as always in your inimitable way laid down practical steps to enhance our focus and also listed the benefits of doing so.

    The benefits of focus including greater control , enhanced creativity , reduction of stress levels , improved work performance , strenthening family and friendship ties, living purposefully and living a joyful life have been excellently delineated by you.

    You have also in your inimitable style suggested steps to achieve focus and single pointedness like getting adequate sleep, eliminating distractions , avoiding multi tasking , exercise , being closer to nature , having regular breaks and improving your brain potential .

    Your very valuable insights, suggestions and the light you throw on topics of great importance for self improvement , and giving shape , form and solutions to ideas which are at the back of our minds is done in your quintessential way. Keep up the wonderful effort.

  12. “Avoid Multitasking” is music to my ears. I’m not a multi-tasker and thankfully find it easy to be super focused. Love your point about having a laser type focus on the things that truly matter to you. That was a great reminder for me today.

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