Live Each Day Like It’s Golden!

" yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why we call it the present"

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This blog is inspired by the words in Jill Scott’s song “I’m living my life like it’s golden”  I just love and feel so inspired by these words and have often found myself reflecting on just what those words actually mean.

For me these words represent self empowerment and being able to truly take control of one’s life … but how do we do this?  The answer for me lies in taking just one step at a time, one day at a time and simply “living each day as if its golden”.

You may well ask what it means to live each day like its golden, and for me the answer to that question  lies in the ability to bring the very best version of ourselves to each new day.

The ability to be the best version of ourselves is rooted deeply within us.

Living each day like its golden means bringing your best possible energy to every moment of every day with your words thoughts and actions.

Living each day like its golden is about treating every moment of your life experience  like a valuable piece of treasure.

“every moment is a new beginning. devote your time in making the coming moment beautiful. with your endeavor, coming moments may be the most valuable treasure of life, the only point is to remain alert and committed to every moment” – dr anil kumar sinha

Every “moment” of our life presents us with a unique opportunity to create and dictate how most of our future moments will play out;  and our only real responsibility is to take full ownership and accountability for our words thoughts and actions in each of our present moments.

“cherish every moment of your life. bring your full attention to every moment and  make every moment sacred”

In this blog I want to focus mainly on how we can truly be in control of our present moments and live each day like its golden  by using our mind power  to stay present  but first I will highlight some of the many other ways that will assist us on the journey to becoming the best versions of ourselves and living a golden life.

They include

  1.   Accepting Personal Responsibility for who you are today – personal responsibility has been described as “the golden ticket to living your most empowered life”. When we accept full responsibility for our words, thoughts and actions then we are putting ourselves directly in the driver’s seat of our lives. Accepting personal responsibility also means taking full responsibility for our reactions to situations that are out of our control such as other peoples behaviour or other outside circumstances. When we blame other people or external events for our behaviour then we are handing over our personal power to them. Always remember that your thoughts. words, actions and reactions are YOUR responsibility.
  2. Forgiveness of yourself and others – learning to forgive releases negativity and means that you are able to invest time and energy into the more positive aspects of your life. When we habour resentments towards other people we allow these resentments to impact our mood and energy. Forgiveness can help to release us from the control of the person who hurt us.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we forget or excuse what we have suffered and it doesn’t mean that we have to  become friends with the person who caused the pain.  However, forgiveness can bring us a type of peace that allows us to just focus on ourselves and get on with our lives
  3. Smile more – you are in charge of your attitude  so keep it bright and positive. Smiling will not only elevate your mood but is contagious and can change the mood of others for the better.
  4. Visualise a beautiful future but work hard today –  it’s good to think about the future positively and to dream big. By all means do set goals and make plans for the future but working hard today is the first step towards tomorrows dreams. Never allow dreaming about tomorrow to replace living in the moment and doing what needs to be done today.
  5. Stop Worrying – it’s impossible to fully appreciate and make the best of the present moments if too much time is spent worrying about future events, especially those that might not even happen. Rather than worrying, try to deal with any concerns by redirecting your mental energy constructively. Redirecting your energy in this way will move you closer to addressing your concerns by providing new insights and steps to move forward. Being constructive will mitigate the potential impact of any concerns.
  6. Be Thankful – being thankful allows us to truly celebrate what we have now and all that we have accomplished. It also allows us to refocus our energy positively on our dreams and goals.  It makes sense to centre our thoughts about all the good things in our life if it is true that “what we think we become”. Gratitude shines a light on all the positives in our lives and leads to a sense of love. When we are appreciative then we are focused on the good things in life and not on worry or lack.

In addition to the above , the best way of all to Live your life like its golden is to :


The mind is a powerful tool, but without good training, our thoughts and feelings can sabotage our goals and cause anxiety and depression.

Learning to “Be Present” is a great way of staying mentally fit so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

What does “Being Present” mean?

Being Present means fully enjoying and participating in the moment that you are in. It is the moment that you are calm and you know exactly what you want. You are focused on what you are doing without thinking about anything else. That is when life is more real

Being Present is an act of allowing ourselves to come out of the mind chatter that we spend most of our lives engaged with.

Being Present means letting go of our attachment to the past and to the future.

Being Present means recognising ourselves as the observers of our thoughts and being able to redirect our wayward thoughts into a more positive and constructive direction

In his book, The Power Of Now, Eckhart Tolle teaches us that every minute we spend worrying about the future or regretting the past is a minute lost, because really all we have, to live in, is the present aka “The NOW”.

The 3 main lessons from, The Power Of Now, are that

  1. Life is just a series of NOW moments.
  2. All pain is as a result of resistance to the things you cannot change.
  3. You can free yourself from pain by constantly observing your mind and not judging your thoughts.

The most important time of our life is the one that we think of the least: The present moment!

The reason that only the present matters is that everything happens here and we should, therefore, do our very best to ensure that our “NOW” moments are positive and harmonious.

It is important to always be fully conscious in each “NOW” moment because “NOW” is where the magic happens and each “NOW” moment governs a future “NOW” experience.

This may be difficult to comprehend and grasp when you first hear it but the more you consciously put it into practice, the more you will see results and the easier it becomes.

There is never a time when it won’t be your “NOW” moment – the trick is to take ownership of your thoughts and feelings in every “NOW” moment and align them with positive energy.

The trick is in learning – really learning and understanding that each “NOW” moment will govern how you experience life in future “NOW” moments. I cannot stress this enough.

Everything you feel and sense takes place in the present.

When you think about it, the past is nothing more than all the present moments that have gone by and the future is just a collection of present moments waiting to arrive, the content of which are largely dependent upon how consciously and positive you are focused in your “NOW” moments.

Dwelling anywhere other than the present is futile.

Take full and conscious ownership of your “NOW” moment with as much positivity /proactivity as possible.

The fact that we may sometimes be distracted by our thoughts and feelings does not mean that thinking is unproductive. There are times when we do need to properly think through certain issues in our lives. Such thinking, when done consciously and intentionally, can also be part of “Being Present”

It is ok to be angry, sad and upset in the present moment if you are fully conscious and can take temporary ownership of those emotions.

It is perfectly ok to say to yourself “ I am feeling really angry or sad right now but I honour and take ownership of this feeling and I allow myself to be angry or sad in this NOW moment”

When we start to resist what has happened in the past or is anticipated in the future we experience pain (physically and or psychologically).

In order to get rid of this pain, Tolle recommends 2 things:

  1. Constantly ask yourself “what will my next thought be?”
  2. Stop Judging your thoughts and urges! – ( Just observe them for what they are, i.e. “thoughts” and “urges”)

The first method is designed to delay your actual next thought so that you have enough time to realize just how frequently you are in autopilot mode. This will then enable you to start interrupting your mind and thus separating from it.

Personally I have also found it easier to interrupt my mind with the repetition of positive affirmations.

The second method simply encourages you to observe but not engage with the mind chatter.

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by what does not affect your personal world. Far too often we allow too many people and situations which are beyond our control to lower our inner feeling and vibration. This in turn impacts upon how we perceive and experience our outer reality.

It is not selfish to guard your inner world – IT IS VITAL!

Protect and beautify your inner world with love and sincerity using frequent inner reflection. If you are aware of the way you feel, and you consistently reach for thoughts that produce an improved emotion, in time any intense negative emotions will subside.

Never be misled by the distractions and noise of your outer world.

Your …Every “NOW” moment is where your true power lies.

All “NOW” moments govern what you will see and experience in future “NOW” moments!

Whenever you cannot control what’s happening in your “NOW” moment … You can at least challenge yourself to control the way in which you respond to it.

Whatever is happening. Remember your true power always lies in how you are responding and dealing with EVERY “NOW” MOMENT.

Your power is in NOW!

Watch and observe yourself and others and how you all handle “NOW” moments!

The empowered ones are those who handle their “NOW” moments positively and consciously and do not lose themselves!

Always strive to protect how you are feeling internally. Your thoughts and feelings should largely be positive.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Thoughts are things. They are powerful and pre-emptive, The very thoughts running through your mind can help to manifest the life of your dreams or draw you closer to your greatest fears. Most people do not realise the inherent power of our thoughts and go about life steeped in one mindset or another. They do not realise that whatever we think about or focus on consistently is what we will move towards. We are the product of our thoughts.

It is therefore important to ALWAYS focus and think about only what you want to see in your reality – Never get caught up in things that you do not wish to see in your experience.

Focus only on what you want!

When you are positively minding your own business you are focusing and thinking positively only about what YOU want to see in YOUR world.

Only ever think positively … if you are doing this for at least 60% of the time then your life of course will be mainly positive.

Always focus on your own “NOW” moment with positivity, thinking positive and uplifting thoughts.

As far as the past is concerned “be thankful” for the role it has played in bringing you to this “NOW” moment. As far as the future is concerned think about it “optimistically”

Try to have many “NOW” moments where you understand the importance of being fully present and taking ownership of what you are creating by thinking positively.

Movement will help you to get into your “NOW” and to be fully present

Movement might be yoga, dance, walking in nature, running, cycling, swimming etc.

Others ways to BE PRESENT might include:

  • Ask Yourself “What Really Matters Now?” –
  • Doing one thing at a time and not multitasking. Concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Drinking water and mentally observe the water as it travels through your body.
  • Breathing Deeply – close your eyes and breathe in while counting to 7, hold your breath while counting to 7, and breathe out for 7 counts – Repeat 3 – 5 times. This can be done at any time of the day and in between important tasks.
  • Stretching – simple stretching or yoga postures help us to be present in the same way that smiling helps us to be happy.
  • Meditation – Find a technique that suits you.
  • Repetition of positive affirmations.

Living in the present will allow you to build a whole world that will become your legacy. The present moment is the only time that we can live our lives consciously, aware that each moment we breathe is a gift.

“Yesterday Is Relative, Tomorrow Is Speculative, But Today is Electric. That’s Why It’s Called Current”

Learning to be present more often than not has definitely changed my life for the better. My life is simply more peaceful and positively productive.  By being more mindful about each of our waking thoughts we can begin to mould our life experiences and live each day like its golden. What are your thoughts about this? Are you inspired to live a golden life? I certainly hope so 🙂

14 thoughts on “Live Each Day Like It’s Golden!”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. Well written and easy to grasp but We’ll see how it translates into reality 🙂

  2. This was such an uplifting article for me and I found it at just the right time – was having a bad day! What a better place we would all be in if we ‘live each day like its golden.”

  3. Green scepter

    like my mum would always say – “you cannot worry and be grateful at the same time”.

    thank you for this beautiful piece

  4. I just read your article and I have to say, it really resonated with me. Your writing style is engaging and I appreciate the way you communicate your message. Your perspective on living life to the fullest is inspiring and I’m excited to start implementing your suggestions.

  5. Aaahh yes, this is my way of living in the world today. Accepting Personal Responsibility for who I am today and laughing more is the best approach I take!

  6. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    A collection of solid home truths with enormous repeat value! Many of us sleepwalk through life missing out on all the birds and bees. This is an awakener. Big fan of the book The Power of Now.

  7. This is a very important blog, because it reminds us all, in the large part, our lives are what we make them and in doing this, it automatically shines the spotlight and illuminates the many areas where we fall short, and fail to make the most of what we have. There are endless valid reasons as to why we fail to make the most of everyday. Kids, work, Financial pressure, health issues, the list goes on. And that is precisely why I value Antonia’s blogs so highly. It’s the simple easy to do things that make our days golden, but because of that simplicity, we have a tendency to overlook them as we go about our busy lives. Until, we read a blog such as this and that little voice in our heads, says. “Hey, get a grip of what you’re doing and make the best of your day.Make your day golden.”

  8. A very inspiring lesson . As always you have hit the nail on the head.

    What you have written beautifully illustrates the adage ” the past is dead and the future is unborn , live in the present. ”

    You have also as usual, given common sense steps , how best to live in the present , like accepting personal responsibility, forgiving yourself and others, adopting a optimistic attitude and to stop worrying.

    I always make it a point to read your essays thoroughly, as embedded in them, are nuggets of wisdom, very refreshing insight, and down to earth advice on how we can make our life more meaningful, happy and successful.

    Keep up the good work !

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