Master Your Mindset!

"once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it"

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Have you had enough of feeling stuck or going with a flow that you didn’t create?  Maybe you’re simply tired or living life by default and you’re longing to break free and create a life that is more satisfying.

If this applies to you then its time to  get out of your head ….. and stop replaying the same old story time after time.

It’s time to master your mindset and create a brand new story, a story where you overcome your fears and self doubt and start living your best life.

Mindset has been defined as “a set of beliefs that shape how we make sense of the world”

Our mindset influences how we think, feel and behave in different situations meaning that whatever we believe about ourselves will impact our success or failure.

” your thoughts are more powerful than any medicine that exists on this planet” – bruce lipton

There is a school of thought that points towards the benefits of having a Positive Mental Attitude ( aka PMA). This PMA  school of thought promises to deliver us from  outdated, energy draining and negative ways of looking at life and replacing them with something far more appealing.

The benefits promised in adopting a Positive Mental Attitude include:

  • The abiity to direct our strongest thoughts and feelings towards our positive desires.
  • The ability to recognise the God – given creative power within us
  • The ability to develop control of our emotions so that we can better direct our creative power
  • The ability to get rid of  negative attitudes
  • The ability to overcome fear and recognise  the destructive power of fear over our creative power.
  • The ability to stay focused on and only ever visualise the best possible scenarios.

Having a positive mindset also helps us to learn from our previous mistakes rather than brooding over them.

“the moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of the body” – bruce lipton

Mastering and maintaining a positive mindset involves the following 10 key steps:

  1. Take Full Possession of Your Mind – Your mind is your most valuable possession. You could lose every material thing that you own but the control of your mind can never be taken from you.  When you make a deliberate effort and decision to take control of your mind and feed it with constructive and positive thoughts then you’re on your way to taking full possession of your mind and consequently more control of your life. The things that you allow to dominate your mind determine what you get out of life. According to W. Clement Stone, “We become what we think about most of the time.”
  2. Focus Only on the Things You Do Want and Not the Things You Don’t Want – The power of focus is one of the mind’s most important abilities.Your point of focus determines the thoughts that occupy your mind. If you focus on finding the reasons why you CAN achieve your goals and dreams then you will find those reasons. However if you choose to focus on finding reasons for why you CAN’T  achieve your goals  then you will find those too. It really is as simple as only ever focusing on the reality that you wish to see play out in your life. Therefore stay focused on your game, and play it as it was meant to be played. Try to have fun using your mind to shape your life and then getting to experience it.
  3. Treat Others Exactly How You Would Like To Be Treated – This concept is sometimes referred to as  “the golden rule.”  Treating others with respect and the way you  would like to be treated or the way they want to be treated can be a life changing approach providing us with the opportunity to seek the good in others while spreading positive energy all around us.  In addition to treating others as we would like to be treated , we should also think and speak about others in the same way that we would like others to think and speak about us. When we treat others in this way then we automatically connect with the positive talents and gifts that lie within us enabling us to feel more joy both physically and mentally.
  4.  Overcome Negative Thoughts by Self Inspection – It’s almost impossible to completely eliminate negative thoughts. A better approach is to gain some control over negative thinking using mindfulness and accepting  the thoughts for just being thoughts. Its vital to reassure yourself that mere thoughts can do you no harm. As part of  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy aka CBT, we are taught to replace negative thoughts with positive ones by re framing the thought. Thought re framing helps us to become more aware of how our thoughts are connected to our feelings and actions. The idea is that we notice the thought, challenge it and then replace it with something more helpful. so for example ” I am worthless” becomes ” I am having a thought that I am worthless but i know that not true. Its just a thought. I know i am of great value”
  5. Be Happy and Make Others Happy! – Your own happiness is very important if you want to make others happy. Design your life to create happiness for yourself , and you’ll be much more motivated and successful in being able to spread happiness and joy to those around you. Happiness is a skillset that can be learned. The most important path to happiness is self care, meaning how well we look after ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Also important on the path to happiness are gratitude, forgiveness, having a purpose, learning to listen to our inner voice, eliminating toxic relationships and practising kindness.
  6. Be Patient and Tolerant – In essence, both patience and tolerance are linked to the ability to accept something which appears to be negative without complaining either mentally or verbally. Patience and tolerance are about acceptance and keeping an open mind about people and situations.
  7. Use Positive Affirmations – The use of positive affirmations can help you disrupt negative thinking habits and build a healthier route in your mind for positive thoughts. If you’re stuck in a negative mindset, affirmations will help to shift your thinking. By repeating positive statements about yourself, you can train your brain to focus on the good instead of the bad.
  8. Pray – Prayer can help foster a sense of connection, whether its to a higher power or just a reflection about something that is important to us. Even for those who do not believe in God or a higher power, prayer is still a winning proposition as it can centre our heart and attention on what is most important. It forces us to focus on the invisible rather than the visible.
  9. Set Goals – Setting goals helps to guide your focus, trigger new behaviours and keep up momentum. Setting goals will also help to align your focus and promote a sense of self mastery.
  10. Think, Study and Plan Daily – Every day you should carve out some time for yourself.  This time is crucial to continuous self improvement. It’s important to think about your goals on a daily basis and view them with a positive mental attitude. Read inspirational material and always take time out to reflect on your thought process. Keep it positive and re frame any negative thoughts.
Mastering your mindset is the key to success because it keeps you motivated and changes your attitude towards any problems that may occur in your life. Mastering your mindset is the key to unlocking your full potential and achieving your dreams. Your thinking will only ever do two things. Your thinking will either impair your abilities or empower your abilities and you get to choose. So what will it be?
Do let me know your thoughts and comments.

23 thoughts on “Master Your Mindset!”

  1. Karen Browne

    Mastering your mindset is needed to navigate the ‘life’ tabs that are always up! Kind of runs along the lines of: tidy house, tidy mind !

  2. Antonia’s guide to mastering your mindset is a refreshing and transformative journey into the depths of personal growth. Her articulate insights on positive thinking, coupled with practical steps to overcome fears and self-doubt, offer an inspiring blueprint for anyone seeking to break free from stagnation and live their best life.

  3. This is an article reminding us to get out of our own way. Anyone can get themselves bog down in how they think. Reading this confirms we have the ability change our thought processes.

  4. Mastering your mindset is most people’s biggest challenge in life. Like anything it’s an exercise that needs daily practice and dedication for it to be truly successful

    1. Good points that we should follow in life.
      I especially always try to live by ‘treat people as you would want to be treated’ as best as I can.

  5. Green scepter

    like the good book says,-” guard your thoughts for therein comes the issues of life”

    thank you for this beautiful piece

  6. An extremely positive article emphasising the importance how the mind reflects on your actions. A positive mind provides positive behaviour.

  7. As always, you have touched on a very important topic, the need to master the mindset and importance of having a positive vibrant and optimistic mind.

    The mind is at heart of every action and without a positive mindset , nothing of consequence can ever be accomplished. It is the fuel, the driver and the core of every action.

    In your quintessential and inimitable style, you have classified the essential elements and given very practical and important advice, on how to achieve the optimum level of a positive mental attitude and unleash its enormous life enhancing and creative potential.

    You have touched on the importance of getting rid of negative attitudes, of fear , to control our emotions. to direct the mind in positive channels , to stay focussed and to recognize the God given creative potential within us. . .

    You have as always given very practical very useful essential and down to earth advice in the form of 10 key steps you have enumerated that one can take to bring about the transformation of our mindset and our lives .

    This also includes essential steps in personality development like treating others the way you would want to be treated , patience , tolerance and prayer.

    I have always looked forward to your essays for the insight, the light they shine on important topics and the enormous potential they have to transform our lives.

    There is a wisdom and authenticity in your words, that has been distilled from your honesty, your insight and life experience that resonates and has the potential to change our existence in a very meaningful way.

  8. barbara scheck

    Brilliant piece and very relatable as always. Thanks again Sarah.

    I am the master of negative thoughts. Try as I may I can’t seem to shift them.

    This piece has empowered me. It takes me back to an earlier piece about consciously replacing negative thought with positive ones over a period. I managed to do it but fell back into bad habits. This piece has motivated me to try harder.

  9. Daniel Geller

    Great advice. Love reading what you write. You are so unique. I need to focus on some of these more.

  10. daniel kersh

    Great stuff again. Not preachy but very practical advice and I can already feel the benefits of adopting a positive mindset. Feeling good!!

  11. I think most us, certainly those of us that have experienced life’s ups and downs (so pretty much all of us), realise just how fragile the mind can be. Yet despite this, and given that knowledge is power, far too many of us fail to address our issues, until long after damage has been done. And that’s precisely why I am addicted to Antonia‘s blogs. Each and every one of them, is a wake up call that highlights the pitfalls and dangers of every day life and living. How many of us have a mindset, which quite simply isn’t working for us, that’s preventing us from making the most of what we have. These blogs don’t just tell us to wake up and smell the coffee, they provide us with the insights, and the way with all to navigate our way around life’s every day issues and problems. Some of which are relatively minor, others more serious. Big or small, we all require the correct mindset to tackle them, so if your current mindset isn’t working for you, change it.

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