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In this blog post I am challenging you to change the way you think and speak for the next 24 hours.

We all want happy and satisfying lives however if we closely examine our thoughts and the words that we use when speaking to and about others, we will soon realise  just how much negative energy we generate in our own lives and allow to circulate in the world around us.

When faced with life’s challenges, our conditioned behaviour and automatic responses tend to be more negative than positive

We all know what negative energy feels like. It can come from other people, our surroundings and our own mindset.

Negative energy can leave us both mentally and physically exhausted.

The effect of both thinking and speaking negatively is pretty far reaching and pollutes all levels of our life experience.

Negative energy affects us mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The 2 main effects of thinking and speaking negatively are:

  1. The impact on your mood and outlook on life –  Thinking and speaking negatively can make you feel hopeless, depressed, sad, angry, scared, unworthy etc. These negative feelings will no doubt impact your view of the world in general. These feelings can cause you to not trust people or situations and to always have your guard up. You may also shy away from expressing your desires and  trying new things because you imagine a rejection or other negative outcome.
  2. The impact on your ability to achieve goals – Setting goals and meeting targets are extremely difficult when your mindset is negative. Thinking and speaking negatively make it difficult to think logically and to come up with creative ideas and solutions.

Other effects of being negative are: 

  • It affects the way people see you and can be damaging to your relationships and friendships.
  • Its damaging to your health on all levels.
  • It lowers your self esteem and confidence.
  • It makes you feel drained.
  • It just generally makes you unattractive.

Benefits of  eliminating negative thoughts and speech

  • More fulfilling relationships and stronger connections to people.
  • Better mental and physical  health and more stable mental well being.
  • Lower levels of anxiety and depression.
  • Will make you more attractive to others and place you in a better position to attract better opportunities for yourself

Habits that will help us to avoid thinking and speaking negatively:

  • Avoid getting too involved in matters that don’t concern you. In other words mind your own business.
  • Practice speaking and thinking positively.
  • Stay focused on your goals.
  • Focus on  the present moment.
  • Focus on finding practical solutions to challenging situations.
  • Become aware when you find yourself veering towards saying or thinking anything negative and command yourself to stop

When you’re  consistently positive  – Life just  seems to flow a whole lot better and you may feel a higher sense of purpose, peace, hope and meaning. 

You may find that you’re able to manifest your desires more and also make better sense of your life experiences. 

 Our thoughts and words  have a powerful frequency and carry an energy which has the effect of altering our reality and what we experience in life.

So with this in mind, we owe it to ourselves to be more mindful about our thoughts and spoken word in order to manifest our desired reality more effortlessly.

So here’s my challenge for you:

Over the next 24 hours observe yourself very closely and try to catch yourself every time you’re about to say or think  something negative.  When you find yourself veering towards saying or thinking something negative ,  dont beat yourself up but simply notice it and stop.

Your new level of self  awareness is where the  vital changes will  begin to take place.

Try this challenge for 24 hours or even 3 days and see what a difference it makes in your life. I am confident that if we can all get in the habit of doing this, that in time it will simply become a way of life.   I wish you all the best with it and am very interested in hearing about how you get on so please do leave a note in the comments section.

24 thoughts on “Say Nothing Negative for 24 hours”

  1. barbara scheck

    Negative thoughts just creep in unawares. Trying to keep it in check is not easy. If there’s a negative thought, I’ve had it!! It’s so debilitating, more so than one is aware of. I’ll try this 24 hour challenge!!! Will report tomorrow.

    Another very relevant piece Antonia! Thanks.

  2. Green scepter

    right message at the right time. thank you universe for channeling your love through the indigo life coach.

    continue to fill her with your light and wisdom so that your children may grow.

  3. Such a clever idea to try to say nothing negative for a day! I so often find myself grumbling about petty things – I think trying this would help my mood. Perhaps I can get the whole family to try it with me soon.

  4. Interesting reading and great challenge!
    True believer that you should think and act positive and not to speak or think negative to maintain a healthy mind.

    Thank you

  5. I think this is a challenge that we all need to set for ourselves. If we sit back and take stock of our thoughts and words in a day, it’s actually quite amazing – in a bad way – how many of them tend to be negative.

  6. I wish everyone would try this. It doesn’t have to be forced or disingenuous- you can talk positive and remain realistic. It does make the day better, and makes a person more attractive to be around.

  7. Great as always! I very much believe in sending right messages to the universe and avoid negativity as much as possible and have seen its returns in several occasions. Good tips though to use only positive thoughts and words. Thanks Antonia for your great job.

  8. As a very positive person I’d love to see people try this. Those that are constantly negative, whether they realise it or not will really struggle. Positivity attracts positivity and is something we all need to get on board with and work on.

  9. It’s so true that negative energy can really drain us both mentally and physically. It’s important to take a step back and examine our thoughts and language, as they can often be more negative than positive. This can have far-reaching effects on our mood, outlook on life, and ability to achieve our goals. By being mindful of our thoughts and words, we can cultivate more positive energy in our lives and in the world around us. Challenge accepted.

  10. Your blog post on refraining from negative speech for 24 hours was insightful and thought-provoking. I appreciate the practical tips you shared on how to cultivate more positive and uplifting language in our daily interactions. Your writing style is engaging and easy to follow. Looking forward to reading more!

  11. This is a challenging challenge as even unconsciously we can think negative. I would love to give it a try and see how I manage. Your posts are always interesting and I enjoy reading them.

  12. This is a challenging challenge as even unconsciously we can have negative thoughts. I would love to give it a try and see how I manage. Your posts are always interesting and I enjoy reading them. I learn a lot from them.

  13. Oh WOW I love this so much!!! I’ve been in a rut lately and this might make all the difference. I’m going to make it a goal of mine to saying only positive things tomorrow!

  14. I absolutely love this idea! I am going to give it a try over the next few weeks, our last weeks at school before the kids are home for the summer, and see how it works for me.

  15. The subject that I can relate to 100%. I am a negative person and it affected my life on all levels. Physically – I have terrible digestive issues, mentally – I am always down, socially – people don’t want to hang out with me, and professionally – I am not progressing.

  16. For me, Antonia’s blogs are fast becoming essential reading. She has an uncanny knack of bringing to the forefront of our minds, information that for one reason or another, has been pushed to the dark corners, where it lies dormant. Like most people, I am fully aware that negativity is corrosive and if it’s not controlled, can easily end up being self-destructive. Despite this, however, it was only as I read this particular blog and thought back over the last few days, it occurred to me how easy I find it to be negative. I accepted the challenge and found myself coming up pretty short. But now at least, I have realised this is something I need to work on. Going forward, it’s my intention to stay focused and be positive.

  17. Karen Browne

    Great attitude to adopt
    Working in a primary school setting (EYFS) you can’t have a negative attitude (even if your life is falling apart🤪). Those 4/5 years olds couldn’t care less about the cost of living , they want you present and positive. So after a full on day of positivity towards the children , it’s hard to keep that momentum for the adults of this world but with the help of this blog- I will try !

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