Stick To Your Intention – Stay On The Wagon!

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up

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Have you fallen off the wagon of the good intentions that you set for yourself on January 1st?

According to The US News and World Report, 80 per cent of New Year resolutions fail by the second week of February! A couple of months may have passed since the beginning of the year but  its not too late to refocus and re navigate the intentions that we so resolutely set back in January.

Intentions are the goals and visions that guide our thoughts , attitudes and actions. They help to direct our restless mind.

To achieve the slight edge, we need to develop a life philosophy and master the mundane

Intentions are like a road map  that put us in the direction of becoming the person  we want to become. They give clarity and vision and help to inform a strategy which will enable us to reach our desired destination.  Setting and then sticking to our intentions will enhance our energy and mindset and have a positive impact on our actions.

How To Stay On The Wagon!

  • Be Clear About What You Want – This involves deep introspection and an understanding of what truly matters to us, what brings us joy and aligns us to our core values. Setting an intention is a conscious and deliberate act  of identifying what we want. It encourages us to determine how we truly wish to experience our lives.
  • Focus On The Benefits –  Determine your reasons for setting the goals and intentions that you have set and then write them down. Keep reminding yourself  of what  you are aiming to achieve and the reasons why. You may wish to put pen to paper or set regular reminders on your phone or computer 
  • Avoid Your Triggers – Triggers are the things that will likely prevent us from sticking to the road map which we have drawn up to reaching our goals. Be prepared to make a change to your environment and normal routine in order to stay on track.
  • Stay Motivated – Decide on a good strategy that will keep you motivated and on track.  An effective strategy may be to  track progress using an app or perhaps to start a journal to document your journey. You may even consider enlisting the help of a loved one or friend as an accountability coach or the services of a life coach.

Sticking to your intentions requires that you keep them at the top of your mind

Regularly setting and sticking to our intention requires a level of self reflection that will support our personal development. By focusing on our goals and intentions we can shift our mindset from worrying about outcomes to enjoying the journey.  Being more intention focused will naturally lead us to a more mindful way of living .

Intention. This purposeful reason  …. is enough to change the direction of your life. It is the spark that ignites the lucid dreams of wanting. Yet, without striking the match, further efforts will go undone. It is not enough to desire … for without effort, intention stays just that … an unfulfilled dream  – andrew pacholyk

No matter what; Keep going. Remember that nobody is perfect and there may be days when we slip up or fall off the wagon of our good intentions.  The key is to accept any set backs and move on. A set back does not have to mean that we give up on our goals and intentions. We just need to think about how far we have already come, celebrate that and use it as a reason to continue. We should never be too hard on ourselves. Whenever we suffer a setback, we should be determined to learn from the experience and carry on,keeping our original goal in mind.

It’s never too late to start again, get back on track and reap the rewards! Develop a relationship with yourself that really matters. If you need help in staying focused and sticking to your intentions and goals, contact me to find out how I might be able to help.

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19 thoughts on “Stick To Your Intention – Stay On The Wagon!”

  1. Thanks Antonia, I like the bit about staying motivated. Starting a journal maybe a good idea to try out for myself. X

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Being clear on what you want and actively taking the steps toward getting there will, slowly by surely, help you to achieve that goal!

  3. I just read your article on staying true to your intentions and remaining committed to your goals. Your insights on staying on track, even when faced with challenges, are incredibly motivating. It’s evident that you’re dedicated to helping others lead fulfilling lives and achieve their aspirations. Keep up the fantastic work in inspiring and empowering your readers to stay focused on their journeys!

  4. This is exactly the 3rd month motivation I have been needing. I am pressing on but trust me between January and this month, the self-will reserves have been running low. Thank you!

  5. Yes, in the past, I have usually allowed my intentions to slip. However, this year has been different. My resolve has increased and I am on track to meeting all my goals.

  6. Some great tips here, I have been struggling to ‘stay on the wagon’ for some time! I will try implement some of these 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Great post and I couldn’t agree more. I’m a believer to stay motivated and be clear to what you really want. This will help you try to reach your goals; we must stay focused no matter what. I’m loving this post!!

  8. Another very insightful essay on another very important topic.

    Important self improvement initiatives and New Year resolutions can be backed by good intentions , but to carry them their logical conclusion, and deliver results , requires more than just good intentions.

    As always you shine the light on the topic at hand and offer down to earth and practical solutions.

    Here , you have in your own inimitable style thrown light on the essential components that lay the foundation of a successful effort including clarity of purpose and understanding ones goals, focussing on the benefits that accrue on realising the goals , avoiding triggers and likely pitfalls and also by staying motivated by monitoring our progress by keeping a daily or regular log to chart the progress of our efforts, which would spur us to greater efforts.

    By your enumeration and analysis of the essential components , you make the goals seem more accessible and what would seem initially daunting, instead becomes an effort that would seen to be more compelling and joyous. .

    Keep up the good work!!

  9. Love these tips! Keeping intentions alive is tough but doable. Thanks for the motivation to stay committed to my goals!

  10. barbara scheck

    Another excellent piece and the timing couldn’t be more perfect; just when one is beginning to lose

  11. I love this post! Staying true to your intention is important but don’t forget that there will be a hindrance along the way so you better be strong and move forward when you make mistakes. Stay on your goals when you slip.

  12. Really great read Antonia. I’ve got exams In July and will need to stick to the plan and just get through them! X

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