Unleash the best version of yourself … with a Life Coach!

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

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Life is tough. There’s no getting away from that fact. It’s messy, it’s turbulent, it’s painful – but it’s also joyful, exciting, wonderful and intriguing. It can be very difficult to remember that, however, when faced with the messier side of existence and we often find that we lose our way – and ourselves – when the external trappings of life start to get in the way.

Getting to know and understand ourselves on a deeper, more meaningful level is the path to true happiness and contentment. Looking internally and enjoying a fulfilling relationship with ourselves  is exciting – perhaps more exciting than any other relationship we will ever have.


“The one thing I have learned is that one must live this life. This life is the way, the long sought-after way to the unfathomable, which we call divine. There is no other way. All other ways are false paths. I found the right way, it led me to you, to my soul. I return, tempered and purified.”  – Carl Jung


But, of course, given the way that modern life is set up, this can be a lot easier said than done. Jung goes on to say that our souls do not exist through us but, rather, that we exist through our souls – and “he whose desire turns away from outer things, reaches the place of the soul”.

He is talking about turning our backs on desire and the “hollow things of the world”, and instead looking for what is deep, true and real… nourishing the soul, “otherwise you will breed dragons and devils in your heart”.

Practically speaking, this means refocusing how we live our lives, finding out what is most important and taking personal responsibility for everything we do – and everything we don’t do.


“The distance between your dreams and reality is called action!”


It’s all about living powerfully and with intent, rather than just drifting through existence, waiting for something to happen. We only get one chance at this beautiful thing called life and it’s so important not to waste a single living second of it.

But, again, this can be tricky to accomplish when we are weighed down by so much – This is where  a professional life coach can really come into their own, helping you to regain your focus, find direction and start living the life you were truly meant to lead.


“You have to let go of who you were to become who you will be”


Life coaches are health and well being professionals who work to help people progress through their lives so they can be as fulfilled as possible, whether that’s in their careers, relationships or day-to-day life.

They’ll help you work out what your goals actually are, what obstacles are getting in your way and how you can overcome these to see the success you’re longing for.

Self-reflection and self-awareness are a must if you want to live your very best life, but it can be difficult to look past the blind spots to see the bigger picture and identify what needs to be done –  a life coach can help with this, ensuring that you grow as an individual and achieve exactly what you want.

If you are feeling stuck creatively, experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety, find yourself being constantly irritable, or feeling unfulfilled where your social life is concerned, these could all be signs that you need the help of a life coach or mentor to get you out of your rut and back onto the path of greatness.

It’s all about getting a fresh perspective and judgement-free thoughts on the problems you’re currently facing, helping you to blaze new trails and go through life without fear.


“Every day is a fresh start”


Life coaching has all sorts of benefits associated with it, empowering you to live more confidently, achieve what you have in mind, enjoy a more harmonious work-life balance, get rid of self-doubt and be absolutely unstoppable for as long as you live.

The ultimate goal of a life coach is to help you to transform your life and claim your personal power


A good life coach will help you to:

  • Set and stick to your goals   – Goal setting involves developing an action plan which is designed to guide and motivate you towards your  desired outcomes whatever they may be.
  • Be in alignment with your true self – Being the best version of yourself is about being true to yourself. Being true to yourself means that you behave and communicate in complete integrity with your beliefs, values and in particular with what feels right in your heart
  • Become more conscious of what you are projecting – Our external world is a projection of what is happening with us internally and can give us much information about ourselves if we take time to observe and be aware.
  • Learn your triggers – when we are triggered by something external to us, we tend to blame others for what we are experiencing. Blaming others for our state of mind and situation is living a victim mindset. The faster you can learn to stop reacting to others, the faster your mindset will shift to be more in alignment with your true self. A good life coach will help you to understand that the only things that you can really change in your life are your behavior, your mindset and your communication style. You have no control over the behavior or mind of others.
  • Knock down your  barriers – There are various life experiences that create barriers and prevent us from being our true selves. These barriers are sometimes referred to as the five main wounds of life. These wounds are namely abandonment, rejection, injustice, humiliation, and betrayal. We should all be aware of our potential wounds so that we can identify  our limits and the obstacles that are preventing us from reaching our full potential.
  • Create Boundaries – In order to create boundaries, we need to recognise that sometimes we do things simply to please others regardless of how it it makes us feel internally. Creating  and setting boundaries enables us to experience more positive moments  in our lives  and the perfect environments to live our best lives

“Setting boundaries is a way of caring for myself. It doesn’t make me mean, selfish or uncaring (just) because i don’t do things your way. I care about me too”

  • Increase your self confidence and self esteem – Self confidence is about trusting your abilities, your judgement and your decisions. Self esteem is the way we evaluate our worth and the ultimate belief we place on ourselves. People with high self esteem tend to be more comfortable with their own true selves and demonstrate a lot more integrity.
  • Connect with your authenticity – Authentic people are genuine, real, and mostly in integrity with themselves. They don’t try to be something they are not, nor are they “people pleasers”. For them being different is not an issue or something they try hard to be, they are just themselves. Authentic people love what they are doing and don’t try to imitate others. One of the best ways to connect with your own authentic self is by not comparing yourself with others and by simply doing and being “you”.

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and embracing who we are” – Brene Brown

  • Reconnect with your inner child – when you reconnect with your inner child you also heal wounds from the past. The main things you can learn from your inner child are 1.) There is no such thing as failure, only experiences. 2.) It doesn’t matter what others think of you. It only matters what you truly think of you. 3.) Love is unconditional. 4.) You are only ever truly alive in the present moment and it is only in the present moment that your true power lies. It is therefore of vital importance that you use your every “present moment” constructively and  wisely . 5.) It’s easy to forgive others if you show compassion and move on. To be more like your inner child it’s essential to awaken that aspect of you that you knew when you were young  but somehow got disconnected from as you transformed into adulthood.
  • Tame your inner voice – Self talk is one of the most powerful forms of communication because it has the power to either lift you up or bring you down in an instant. We need to become more conscious  of our inner chat and identify our negative self talk. Our goal should be to to become more aware of our negative chatter and change it to something more positive. Our self talk reflects our innermost feelings.
  • Increase your self awareness – Self awareness is the ability to recognise your emotional state and then find ways to stay in balance. When you practice self awareness, you allow yourself to be a better version of yourself  and  prevent your emotions from taking control of you. The more you are aware of your emotions, the more you understand yourself.

We can only become our true selves when we consciously choose to remove the mask that we have been wearing for a long time. This mask comes with behaviours and wounds that only time an hard work can heal. Never be afraid to face your shadows in order to bring to light the aspects of yourself that require work and healing. Human beings were never supposed to live in isolation and  do things on their own. We are social creatures that require a community to thrive. When necessary we should seek help from experts and also build a good support network to encourage and motivate our positive growth.

Becoming the very best version of yourself is not an objective that can be reached overnight, however engaging the services of a life coach may well be one of the first important steps that you can take towards reaching this goal.

If you’d like to chat more about how life coaching could revolutionise you and set you on the path to success, get in touch with me today. I’d also love to hear your stories of how life coaching has helped you – so share away in the comments below!

60 thoughts on “Unleash the best version of yourself … with a Life Coach!”

  1. Antonia, you are such an inspirational person. You’re a genuine motivator with incredible perception and a unique sense of empathy and ability to connect with anyone, and bring out the best in them. I think everyone could benefit from a life coach and I can’t think of a better person than you for this role.

    1. Michiel Willems

      Every day is a new start, Antonia could not be more right about that. She has helped me and my partner tremendously when we faced some serious challenges and tough times. With a positive attitude and a healthy dose of determination, she channelled us in the right direction, and more! She truly knows what she is doing and I will forever be grateful for her help, guidance, counselling and support. Thank you Antonia, you are a star.

      1. Awesome article antonia hits the nail on the head with this really makes you think and put things into perspective

        1. Thank you Antonia – the article is great. I can’t believe am saying this but l could do with a lot of help to find the old me.

  2. A very thought provoking post and an inspirational piece.
    Always feel uplifted after reading things on this great website.

  3. With Antonia’s invaluable help I opened my eyes to my self-destructive behavioural patterns and for a while, simply recognising them was all I was able to achieve.
    Antonia then helped me see the bigger picture – what I wanted to change, what I wanted to achieve and what I wasn’t going to put up with any longer. She helped me take charge, to have a deep and honest talk with myself and, with a great deal of courage and her expert guidance and perception, I strode ahead. Since then everything’s falling into place, I’m not afraid, I feel confident and have a very clear idea of where I’m headed and how to achieve it whilst loving myself and being totally happy with my choices.

  4. Antonia is a great influencer, caring & so helpful. I have benefited extremely with Antonio’s encouragement & wisdom which I’m so very grateful for. I look forward to continuing working with you to get the better version of myself. Thank you once again.

  5. Antonia’s been a shoulder to lean on and a massive support when times got seriously dark. Always kept my optimistic and made me believe there’s hope things will get better!

    An amazing read!

    I can rely on her and trust her – and she’s helped me believe in myself !

  6. Being the best you is not achievable overnight. You need to work at it. It’s a long process. You need a life coach to guide you and make sure you take the right steps in the right direction. Antonia can help guide you to your goal.

  7. I.m Appreciating your advice more & more in these times as a way of coping with life’s turmoil thanks 😊

  8. What can I say about Antonia. She is such an amazing person. She has helped me and children so much when we were going through the most difficult time. To this day, she’s always there. Such a bubbly lady, amazing funny personality. If anyone can guide you, Antonia is the best person for it! She literally was there at my lowest point and lifted me right up with her motivational words.

  9. Very well said Antonia, I do agree with every single point and one should always remember life is not a misery even though there are bad days and good days. and for the people who lose hope easier, a life coach like Antonia is a great self treat. Keep up with this great work. Xx

  10. I agree with all of what is said, thank you very much this has been very helpful. In some of the things i have experienced in life i push so hard but sometimes move in the wrong direction, if this does happen i always look at ways that i could have done things better and look at each experience as a lesson. However sometimes i do feel like i am at a stand still when i do push myself to stay positive and keep going to try to be the best i can for myself and my children. This Life coach blog has really helped me to establish what it is i need to be doing when i feel that way. Antonia is always someone i can go to for help and advice thank you for introducing me to this.

  11. So much to take from this article and yet still so much one has to do. Antonia always gets the nub of any issue and is always a true friend…

  12. Kristy Bullard

    I’ve thought about getting a life coach. And, I’ve always wondered what to look for in selecting a life coach so I really appreciate this article.

  13. “The distance between your dreams and reality is called action!”
    What a fabulous quote and says it all, doesn’t it! Someone else has picked this out in the comments too! Very powerful message. Well done Antonia, brilliant article.

  14. “We can only become our true selves when we consciously choose to remove the mask … Human beings were never supposed to live in isolation”
    What happens if you feel the mask has been removed and still feel disconnected? Finding your niche in a sea of people you have no connection to is very disconcerting.

  15. …..how we live our lives, finding out what is most important and taking personnel responsibility for everything we do and everything we don’t do…….
    This resinated within me.
    Something I’ve abided by and thank God (or whomever you praise) that Antonia thinks this way too x
    (Known and loved since primary school)

  16. barbara+scheck


    Each time I read an article from you, I learn more ways to add value to my life.

    Thank you for making it so clear!

  17. Raswella Warburton

    Another good read!!! An interesting list of how a coach can help their clients; a helpful guide when looking for a life coach. Thank you.

  18. Having a life coach is my dream this year. I struggle to keep my life together, like my goals and ambitions. It would be great to have a life coach

  19. A fantastic and positive article!
    Reading the article helped to re-focus the mind on what can be achieved to be a better version of yourself.

    Thank you Antonia

  20. A life coach, mentor, or anyone that inspires you is important to incorporate into your life. These people continue to show you their growth and how they got there. Opening your mind and your capabilities! I myself am a motivational speaker and one of my mentors is the infamous Tony Robbins!

    1. I’m happy to say, Antonia has helped me to stay committed through her passion of life coaching.
      She is an amazing being who will motivate and push you stay on top.

  21. I had actually studied to be a life coach at one point. I now realise it’s much more about life experience than it is anything else. While you can learn some things from classes and courses, life experience is essential!

  22. I have been thinking about getting a life coach a lot lately. I think I could definitely benefit from it. Now I just need to actually get one. Thanks for all the info!

  23. Blair Villanueva

    Excellent article! Having a life coach will help us guide to the path we are aiming for. We should normalize having a life coach.

  24. It’s not easy to become the best version of ourselves. But we need to be like this. I guess it’s only possible by improving ourselves a little everyday

  25. Amazing piece, Antonia reflects what healing and soul nurturing ought to be through her life coaching. Beautiful piece indeed.

  26. Neely Moldovan

    A friend of a friend is alife coach and I love following her! This is so interesting!

  27. I can vouch for Antonia as a life coach. She is very committed to finding a viable and achievable path for her clients and enables them to find the correct tools from within to move on from their stasis. She’s very real and you feel supported and energised by her presence. She’s a great choice for a life coach

  28. I have known Antonia on a personal level for a number of years, her personality and the aura she emits are vibes of positivity. As a life coach she lives up to her word and is direct and focused. She radiates what a true life coach should be.

  29. I’d love to have a life coach. Life coaching improves confidence and self-esteem, increases life satisfaction and happiness levels, lowers stress levels and helps you have a more peaceful mind.

  30. Veronika Sykorova

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a life coach. You explained it perfectly! I’ll definitely save this for later reference if I decide to get a life coach!

  31. Melanie Edjourian

    It sounds like having a life coach would come in helpful. No wonder so many are taking that up as a profession and others seeking their help.

  32. I feel like we can all benefit from using a life coach. So often your family and friends say what they think you want to hear.

  33. Unleashing the best version of myself wasn’t even something I thought about until my older years. I wish I had really thought about it earlier in life.

  34. Great article! Antonia is a genuine person who always has peoples wellbeing at heart! So the perfect Life Coach.

  35. Great read, ‘learn your triggers’ definitely hit it on the head, that was my weakness, and not being my true self (people pleaser). Took a long time to learn and accept, but now you get what you see.
    Well done Antonia, keep up the good work.

  36. A very insightful post from an inspirational life coach. Antonia is a genuine person who has helped me the past 2 years to be my authentic self. Carry on the great work!

  37. Great Article Antonia! You are lovely and kind hearted woman who will be a great inspiration to many! 🙂

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