The Benefits Of Chakra Meditation

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The last year or so of our lives has certainly been a difficult one for all of us in a variety of different ways. We’ve all been affected by the pandemic and, even though there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel now, our lives will continue to be affected by the crisis for quite some time.

As such, it’s important to build resilience now and make sure that we’re doing all we can to protect our mental and emotional health and wellbeing, so we can withstand whatever is thrown our way in the future.

“Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity” – Baba Ram Dass

Meditation has long been used as a tool to boost mental health and reduce stress, but have you ever considered trying your hand at chakra meditation? The word ‘chakra’ itself means wheel or cycle and there are said to be seven main chakras to be found along your spine, from your sacrum to the crown of your head.

Each of the seven key chakras tie in with aspects of human experience. The root chakra, for example, is found at the base of the spine, governing how we connect to the world and linked to our need for food, shelter and stability. The solar plexus chakra, meanwhile, can be found between your ribcage and your naval, linked to self-esteem and personal agency.

The sacral chakra is connected to self-worth, creativity and pleasure, the heart chakra is connected to love and compassion, the throat chakra is associated with communication, the third eye chakra is linked to intuition and imagination, and the crown chakra is linked to awareness and intelligence.

Chakra meditation involves tapping into the seven chakras to access the power associated with each one, allowing you to build an incredibly strong spiritual connection with yourself. 

Benefits of this kind of meditation include:

  • A drop in your stress levels
  • A greater appreciation and love for life
  • The ability to look at everything in a more positive light
  • The strength to tackle challenges head on
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Contentment
Meditation and mindfulness can make a very significant difference to your life and how you think, feel and act. I hope you’ve found this post on chakras interesting and inspiring, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the practice of meditation.
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14 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Chakra Meditation”

  1. After the previous 18 months the importance of meditation is even more stronger. Many of us are now going through changes in, our lives and reassessing our priorities and how we want to move forward. Antonia has always been very empathetic and supportive in, the past. Now is the time for us to rebuild ourselves and come back better and stronger.

  2. This is interesting! Thank you! I have been thinking about how best to connect with my inner self for a while now. To begin with I shall download your chakra meditation ebook and see how I get on with that. Thanks again for the reminder !:)

  3. barbara+scheck

    I have never tried meditation. It’s been on my list but I just haven’t fount the motivation to do it. But the world has changed so much in just a couple of years and it’s more important now than ever to be able to tap into something; to keep a clear focus when everything else is going awry.

    After reading this piece, I’ll let Antonia guide me through this. To discover different levels of myself.

    1. Antonia is very accomplished in what she practices very knowledgeable and friendly highly recommended

  4. Meditation is part of self-care, and now it is part of my routine; I feel better within myself and more resilient.

    1. Self care is definitely the key to a better you, meditation also plays a big part in creating an overall balance in achieving and maintaining self care. Thank you for helping realise and put it into practice!

  5. Antonia is very accomplished in what she practices very knowledgeable and friendly highly recommended

  6. Daniel Geller

    This is great stuff. I think one of the best things about meditation is that it’s so subjective, there’s no right or wrong way to do it – it’s whatever works best for you. Chakra meditation is fascinating and this is an inspiring post.

  7. “Great piece and food for thought” I’m so proud of all the work are doing you are such a great person Antonia.

  8. Very insightful, this i believe would feed into better mental wellbeing and certainly given so many have been deeply affected by the pandemic. I have to say that having practiced yoga, one of the biggest factors in stress related issues is ego. Being able to tap within and loosing your ego and accepting things as they are and not feeling the need to be in constant control is so much better for one’s wellbeing and overall mental health. I definitely believe you will be able to help many with your insights.

  9. Such a great post in self-care, it is absolutely important to know how to connect with your inner self. I do practice meditation and found it very useful in many different occasions. Thanks Antonia for sharing with us.

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