The Benefits Of Drinking Water

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We all know that we should be drinking water regularly throughout the day in order to stay hydrated, but sometimes this can be easier said than done, when our busy lives take over. How many times have you gone about your day as normal and suddenly realised that you haven’t drunk anything for a fair few hours? 

Carrying a reusable water bottle with you can help serve as a reminder to drink more water – and a reusable bottle can help reduce your impact on the planet, driving down the amount of single-use plastic going straight to landfill, so you’ll be nourishing your mind, body and your soul, all at the same time.


“Keep calm and drink water”

The human body is approximately 60 per cent water, so it’s important to avoid becoming dehydrated if you can. Dehydration can affect you in all sorts of strange ways, both physically and mentally, so monitoring your intake is a good idea.

There are all sorts of benefits associated with drinking water. These include:

  • Improved memory and mood, since hydration affects the brain. Even slight dehydration can impact how you’re feeling, as well as making you feel more anxious.
  • A reduced risk of headaches and migraines.
  • Weight maintenance can also be managed, since hunger is often mistaken for thirst. Drinking a glass of water when you think you’re hungry can satiate you quickly and easily.
  • Improved health of your urinary system. Being dehydrated can increase your chances of conditions like kidney stones.
  • Prevention of constipation.
  • Joint lubrication.
  • Supports skin health.
  • Regulation of body temperature.
  • Flushing of toxins and bodily waste.
  • Blood pressure maintenance
  • Improved physical performance

To help you make sure you’re staying properly hydrated throughout the day, you could set a reminder on your phone to go off every hour or so. And if you’re not a big fan of the taste, what about adding in some fresh fruit or herbs to infuse it and give it a lovely refreshing flavour?

I hope this blog post has helped reveal just how important water is for your overall health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally. If you have any tips on how you go about making sure you’re properly hydrated, I’d love to hear from you.


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29 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Drinking Water”

  1. Yeah, Antonia you’re so right !

    I need to be reminded and when I do drink water I often no longer feel hungry! I know I’m doing my body the huge favour it deserves!! In fact as the water goes down I can actually feel the good it’s doing me.

    Yeah you’re right – we all need to be reminded of the importance and benefits of water. I tell myself that humans can live for 10 days or so without food but only 3 without water!

    Have forwarded your post to my international keto forum.

    Thanks for all the great work you’re doing!

  2. Great blog piece and reminder about the importance of….drinking water.whenever I make sure I get 2 litres of water a day, I think more clearly,eat less and my skin glows

  3. Yes I know not drinking enough is a bad habit of mine if I’m sitting there stuck on meetings/calls for most of the day.
    I drink plenty when exercising but need to ensure 8 drink regularly at other times.
    I do that by taking a 2 litre bottle of water to my desk with me….so there’s no excuses for not topping up my glass as the day goes on.
    I’ve also taken to adding some slices of lime to my glass , to help make it more flavoursome.
    I do notice that I’m less tired mid afternoon if I’ve been drinking water regularly.

  4. These are all so right on. I feel so much better when I get in all of my water for the day. When I”m fully hydrated, everything in my body and my mind feels so much better.

  5. Staying adequately hydrated makes you feel so much better! It only makes sense. After all, our bodies are over 70% water.

  6. There’s no way to be as healthy as you can be if you don’t drink enough water. There’s just no getting around it. We are made up of so much water. We have to replenish it to stay healthy.

  7. hydration is good for a lot of thinks that I did not know before I read you post! I always drink a lot of water druing the days, and if I dont, I always end up with a headache 🙁

  8. Very well put and very insightful! I drink a lot of water because it’s ‘healthy’ but I’d never researched the benefits and it’s amazing how much of an effect water can have in the body. Thank you for this post, very well written and presented too, i must say.

  9. I have been telling my teen how important it is to drink water. He scoffs but I am keeping after him.

  10. Very well written! Thanks for reminding us that we all need to drink more water. It’s something we should all do but how many of us actually drink enough? I love a hot water drink with lemon and ginger and a touch of honey.

  11. barbara+scheck

    Water is life! I am not a fan of plain water so I always add some lemon which makes it a lot easier for me drink.

    I always underestimated the benefits of water so I drunk very little of it. I used to feel nauseous and lethargic and thought I was really unwell till my friend advised me to drink more water. The transformation was almost instantaneous. I felt better and energised and then I realised that my skin was looking clearer and supple.

    I have a 600 ml bottle and I try to drink at least twice of it a day. I find that I need to be very conscious about it or else I forget.

    But all in all, one cannot emphasise enough, the health benefits of drinking water. I have read that eating fruits and vegetables that have a high water content like cucumber, also assist hydration.

  12. More excellent advice, but apart from the health benefits remember the reusable bottle, so important.

  13. I keep telling myself I need to drink more water, but I’m so bad at it! I know the benefits and why I need to, especially because I get headaches if I don’t drink it, but coffee is just a habit at this point.

  14. Fantastic reminder of the importance of drinking water. I drink a glass of room temperature water each morning and can say this definitely helps contribute to my day with good energy levels.

  15. Daniel Geller

    This is so useful and important. I once ended up in hospital with severe pain in my abdomen/kidney, and they suspected it was due to not drinking enough water. We all know how important water is to keep things living, so we should all be filling our bodies with it.

  16. Dee Campbell

    Thank You!!!!! It seems so obvious but so many of us forget how important it is, (including me) more than that it is VITAL – When I do take care of myself and drink more water, I always feel so much better mentally and physically – as ever, cheers Ant xxxxx

  17. Totally agree with you Antonia water is extremely important for our body. Water can help to resolve some health issues that you may have….

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